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 Stan Freeman Tree Service provides professional tree care services. Based in Villa Hills, KY, we aim to provide fair, knowledgeable, and quality tree services to our customers. We have been in this industry for over 35 years, and our tree specialists have attended various workshops, training sessions, and seminars. We aim to provide you with excellent customer service and quality results. Our services include:

 Corrective Pruning

Early in a tree’s life, it is crucial that you have it pruned to encourage healthy growth. Our tree pruning service will remove diseased, broken, and rubbing limbs. Every leaf is a source of food for your tree, so we always aim to keep wounds as small as possible while still meeting your needs. With our tree trimming service, your trees stay healthy all year long.

 Removal Services

If you have an old and unhealthy tree, then it might be best to have it removed before it falls down on your property. Our tree removal service includes a complete evaluation of the tree, carrying out safety measures, and total removal of the tree. When it comes to tree cutting, we are the experts. We have successfully removed different trees in the area for over 35 years, and clients have trusted us when it comes to cutting trees.

 Stump Services

The purpose of stump removal is to prevent regrowth, so using the proper technique is important. If not properly done, the surface roots will be overlooked, and proper root separation will not be achieved.  With our stump grinding service, we will ensure that the process is done properly. To ensure that we properly remove the stump, we will clean up all our grindings.

When it comes to providing quality tree services in , nobody does it better than Stan Freeman Tree Service. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to complete any tree service. Call us now at (859) 479-0196, or you can also come to our office at Villa Hills, KY.


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